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Eberts Law Group is pleased to provide estate planning and assistance with trust and estate administration matters to our established clients and referral partners. However, absent a referral or preexisting relationship, we are not currently taking on new planning or administration clients.

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The goal of estate planning documents is to avoid the time, cost, and personal toll that litigation takes. However, for better or worse, litigation is the cornerstone of our legal system. Only through litigation is it possible to fully assert your rights or defend yourself against others’ attacks. Just because something appears in a trust or a will does not mean that it is irrefutable. And, just because someone is threatening to sue does not mean that you must disregard the expressed wishes of the deceased. In all of these scenarios, litigation may be your best, or only, option. In such situations, the attorneys at Eberts Law Group have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to work with you toward your best resolution.

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The attorneys at Eberts Law Group are passionate about protecting California elders from financial abuse. Whether through pre-filing discussions, litigation, jury trials, or appeals, we have the energy and experience to prosecute all manner of elder financial abuse cases, and we are unafraid to take on the tough cases and see them through all the way. As thought leaders in this area of practice, we have developed an extensive network of like-minded attorneys and nonprofits that provide us with a wealth of resources and support. If you or a loved one suspect elder financial abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us. We never charge a elder financial abuse victim unless and until we get them a result.

I have complete faith and trust in Adam Eberts who recently represented me in a very, very difficult case regarding a family trust. Adam was extraordinarily supportive, caring, and took on my fight as if it were his own. Although I have absolutely zero experience with legal issues, I felt that Adam gave me very sound advice and that he is amazing when it comes to legal strategy. Adam is very communicative and returns calls on the same day. He is someone who goes the extra mile for his clients and then some. I would highly recommend both Adam and the entire team at Eberts Law Group.


Ann listened earnestly to my situation, which I was unsure was likely to be solved. She believed there was hope, and went straight to work researching to find a resolution. She did not dismiss the complexity of my case...she actually embraced the challenge and saw it through to the end, which I'm happy to say turned out exactly as I had hoped! Ann is so caring, honest, professional, and dedicated. I am so grateful to have found her. I highly recommend her and her office.

Mae Beth

My family hired Adam for to help with reversing an amendment to our mother's trust. He was able to get it done in a very timely and cost effective manner. He and his co workers were very professional and efficient. I would recommend his firm for anyone needing a lawyer.


Ann is wonderful to work with. She has been tremendously helpful in our case. She is knowledgeable, caring, honest and fair. I highly recommend her.


When you retain an attorney, you expect that the person you retain will be: competent, knowledgeable, forceful, persistent, admired by his peers and able to achieve an amicable solution to the issue he was retained for. Adam Eberts is all that and more, plus he has one of most pleasant and competent paralegal assistants I have ever met. He turned a painful event into a pleasant experience. He shared his knowledge and walked my wife and I through every step of a complicated process. Through his expertise we received the solution we sought. But most important of all we have made a friend, and a person we admire for integrity and expertise.


When Adam chose to represent me in a complicated & stressful litigation of my brother’s Trust I found myself involved in, I felt from the beginning I was in good hands. He listened patiently to me and treated me with respect and understanding. He was straight forward and honest with me regarding the complex, complicated and tough issues of the case. He was able to come up with a strategy and how he would handle each issue. Adam always promptly got back to me when I called him with questions and concerns. He always had my best interests in mind. He updated me and explained to me what was going on every step of the way. I am thankful for Adam’s entire staff, especially his Paralegal, Deborah, for the hard work, patience and kindness shown me during this case. Throughout this process, I was appreciative of Adam’s professionalism, dedication, determination, hard work and his strong passion to bring this case to a positive end result for me. He truly is a competent attorney as well as a kind and decent person. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a dedicated lawyer in a Probate and Trust case.



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